Classidelity Hörstoff: The Third Life of Domenico Scarlatti

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Classidelity Hörstoff: The Third Life of Domenico Scarlatti – Discovering a world musician

First, conventional opera composer in Italy, then completely unconventional harpsichord composer in Spain. Now, in his third life, Domenico Scarlatti mutated the figurehead of a multicultural inspired creativity

Actually he wrote so vocal music – like his father, the famous opera composer. What could he otherwise have written in Italy in the early 18th century, at the court of Naples, Florence and Venice, the Vatican in Rome? Oratorios course, church music – and even operas: the usual subjects, historical and mythological themes. About the late Egyptian kings and queens, Ptolemy, Alexander, Berenice. About gods and heroes of ancient mythology, Iphigenia, Tethis, Narcissus. About Shakespearean characters such as Hamlet ( “Ambleto”). The authority changed, but the big success was slow in coming. By mid 30 Domenico Scarlatti therefore took on a job abroad – away from the competition and far away from the father. Also, although in the distant Lisbon waited the duties of Kapellmeister at him –
concerts, operas, church music. But there was still another object: piano lessons for the royal children.